For our final project prototype, we used Construct 2 to create the educational game. We slightly tweaked the survival game’s theme from what we proposed in the project proposal. The educational values we think are in the game is the biological basic needs of living things to survive such as water and food, food chain, and also a healthy ecosystem with balanced numbers of carnivores and herbivores.

Game Documentation

The game starts with the menu screen.

When the user presses on up or button arrow, they can navigate through the menu with the “<” pointing to the menu choices. When the user presses enter to choose, they can go to another screen from the choice they have chosen.

If user chooses play, the game screen will appear, but it starts with the story line explaining the player’s mission in the game, which is to survive and protect deers before the game starts.

For each second the player survives, additional score is given. Hunger and thirst will keep increasing which means the decrease in numbers. When the number reaches 0, health will start to decrease and when the health reaches 0, the game is over.

The wolves will keep spawning in numbers as they move towards the deers, the player will need to hunt them from coming close to the deers. For every wolf hunted, the player “eats” it and increases the number in hunger. For the thirst, there are lakes nearby which the user can get close to and drink water from.

There are initially 3 deers. If all the deers are hunted by the wolves, then the game is over.

So there are two ways for the game to be over, thus increases the game difficulty.

In the tutorial menu choice, the tutorial explains which keys on the keyboard the user needs to press in order to play the game.
Arrow keys to move the player sprite and space bar to interact with the lake and wolf.

The credits menu choice shows the credits on which pictures and sprites we used from, the music and sound effects we used for the game, and also our group members’ names.

Team members

Stefan Liemawan – 2101694690
Contribution: Gameplay, Events, Actions, Layout Design

James Barlian – 2101695176
Contribution: Music, Sprites, Ideas

Cindy Claresta Basrie – 2101693845
Contribution: Gameplay, Menu, Concept Design

Internet Sources

MAIN CHARACTER (human bases)
Art by Antifarea and Clint Bellanger for (

Free Desert Top-Down Tileset by Franco Giachetti is
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
International License.

License details: attribution

Deer by Calciumtrice, usable under Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 license.

Attribute Stephen “Redshrike” Challener as graphic
artist and William.Thompsonj as contributor.

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