For the course Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction, our group will be making an educational game from Construct 2. About the game, we will be making some sort of survival game, which is educational, as it teaches the science aspect of our daily survival needs. The goal of the game is to survive and stay alive longer. The player’s health will decrease as time goes and the player will require to forage for his daily necessities to recover his health, otherwise his life will forfeit. The game does not only provide beneficial items for the player’s needs, but also provides harmful things such as diseases, expired or unhealthy food, and poisons.

This idea will be further improved and updated in the future if our group decides to add or reduce some ideas.

Our group consists of:

  • Stefan Liemawan 2101694690
  • James Barlian 2101695176
  • Cindy Claresta Basrie 2101693845

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